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Stay dangerous lyrics

The night was warm and long You fell into my arms I wanted you forever I wanted you to stay As soon as you're here I watch you walk away Everything is beautiful And nothing hurt I was young at first And a future wasn't there But time moves fast And I'm just trying to stay here You know my love Most just disappear It's a dangerous love.

[Verse 1: Dee Watkins] Ayy, I'm stayin' dangerous Back in high school, lotta teachers hated us I gotta keep that shit 1k No I can't make it up I'm with my day one niggas, no you can't hang with us. My bros to stay dangerous and blam first. Ayy. Ayy, don't shoot, just be out late night. I perform with that K, ain't got no stage fright. Most them niggas I was with had to get left 'cause I stayed. STAY DANGEROUS YG Released August 3, 2018 STAY DANGEROUS Tracklist 1 10 TIMES Lyrics 24.3K 2 BULLETPROOF (Ft. Jay 305) Lyrics 63K 3 HANDGUN (Ft. A$AP Rocky) Lyrics 102.1K 4 SUU WHOOP Lyrics 276K 5.

#Doobie #StayDangerous #CarrierlessWatch the official video of Stay Dangerous by Doobie -© 2021 SCFMGWritten by DoobieProduced b.

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Ayy, nigga, stay dangerous Better keep it on you, nigga, stay dangerous Ayy, nigga, stay dangerous (Aw, yeah) Better keep it on you, nigga, stay dangerous I be riding 'round the city.

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14 hours ago · Listen to Stay Dangerous (feat. Tae Eighto) by Tripplecross Spazz, 25 Shazams. Discovered using Shazam, the music discovery app. ... LYRICS. PLAY FULL SONG. Connect with Apple Music. Sign-in or Try it free for 3 months. Music Video. TrippleCross Spazz - Stay Dangerous Ft. Tae Eighto | SHOT BY @GRAVITYFILMS757.

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